About Studio3

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. The details that make a house your home. Laughter among friends. The love of art, of music, of literature, and of the way strangers smile on the street. The first sip of wine after a long day. The ways you express yourself. The good deed. The well deserved vacation. Your best hair day. The it's a ponytail and yoga pants kind of day. The perfect dress, the killer heels, the shade of lipstick that makes you feel like you can take on the world... and win. The familiarity of family. The thrill of trying something new. A night on the town. The intimate dinner party. A day working in the garden, a long walk, fresh air and free time. A good night's sleep. The memories that last a lifetime. The little things that inspire the big things. And the small moments that make it all worthwhile. We're about life. Your life, well designed.

And we're here to help you make it as beautiful as possible! Studio 3 is a monthly interior design + lifestyle digital publication that integrates a sophisticated, interactive magazine experience with the online ease of having it all right at your fingertips. Based in the fine city of Saint Louis, our passion for style and design knows no bounds! We believe in creating a life you love and living it to the fullest, and we aim to embody that in every aspect of our magazine and inspire that in every aspect of your life!